Notices and Prohibitions

– Notices and Prohibitions –

● Heavily drunken person which poses a problem for services.
● The person who has, take or use drugs or similar.
● The person who is infected the sexual disease, skin disease or infectious diseases, or suspected to have these.
● The person in the same business, or the person who is intending scout (drafting)
● The persons who are deemed not follow the caution of us.
● Any violence to the lady, or the equivalent actions.
● Enforcement of the acts the lady does not willing.
● Demands of services exceeding the common sense.
● Enforcement of acts not included in the services, or ask them.
● Demanding rough services such as SM acts or excessive perverted behaviour.
● Any actions for filming, secret filming, recording or tapping by video camera, digital camera or mobile phone which has camera function.
● Refusing to allow lady to leave after the end of play time.
● Any direct negotiation or solicit to the lady during out of service hours without going through us.
● Any stalker actions to the server.
● Any move to a place where communication cannot be maintained without consent of us or constrain.

If any of the above is caused, the services will be cancelled.
Please remind in advance that in such case, the fee is not refunded.
If the above is found, it is denied for the services in next time.
We are not responsible for any rapid bad health conditions during the services after eating ED medication.