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review137 2013 February

a beautiful girl who knows how to fulfill your fantasies. makes you feel special, see you soon Rosa.....!

review136 2013 February

wow my second time with Rosa and she definitely remembered me the s** was amazing and owo her phone rang a couple times but that didn't affect the atmosphere at all. Ive seen around 50 high class escorts in Bangkok and shes in the top 3 i will definitely be seeing her again soon only downside to our evening was that her client who was booked for 7 came early by about 12 minutes and so i had to leave 12 minutes early in a rush pretty much like i was still getting dressed while going down the stairs lol but i could tell she was busy that day and feeling a bit stressed because of it but i will definitely be seeing her again soonxxRosa a true 10 out of 10 girl

review135 2013 February

Rosa is so sexy, satisfying and tasty. she is just lovely intelklegent and kind. she can commmunicate good and completely satisfy you. thank you see you soon.

review134 2013 February

An hour well spent. Angie ur fantastic, sexy and fun. Will definately be seeing you again soon.

review133 2013 January

Beautiful, energetic, and sweet personality. The xxx was amazing, and the chat was relaxing, a complete GFE in my book. Thanks Rosa for a most pleasant and exciting hour.

review132 2013 January

Rosa loves life and that reflects on her attitude and performance. With person like that you can only enjoy your time. Nothing is fake on her body or performance. I dont know what does A+ stand for but she fully deserves it. I love you!

review131 2013 January

Fantastic time with a young sexy all natural lady and speaks perfect English I was her first client of the day and it showed she nearly killed me! She had loads of energy and even suggested a 3rd pop! If your into energetic, happy blonde ladies I would highly recommend Lemon

review130 2013 January

I saw Angie a few weeks ago, and she is so nice and so good she deserves a review. Fun and enthusiastic Thailand lady, incredible breasts that are amazing to play with, just all around good fun. Enjoy!

review129 2013 January

wow i have been with some very nice escorts in my time but Rosa is the best one her service is unparalleled and since i usually last more than 3 hours for her to get me off in 50 mins is outstanding a truly memorable experience you'll be mad to pass up this chance hope to see you again soon Rosa


review128 2012 December

Mina is a lovely and beautiful lady. Her sensitive and perfect service was brilliant. Please treat her with respect.

review127 2012 December

Rosa is a natural beauty. Tall, fit, well proportioned this girl melts your heart from the moment you enter her room. She speaks very good English so you can be involved in an intelligent conversation. I'm not going into details but everything that was on offer was skillfully performed. A real GFE. Very cute, warm and intelligent lady. I'm already planning my next visit.

review126 2012 December

What can I say? This girl is beautiful, friendly and chatty. The service is fantastic and what you would expect. She did however ask me to hurry up because I was to big! ( it can be a curse!) she did have other suggestions to complete the job that were more than acceptable. I would see Lemon again no problem at all....but will she want to see me? Hope so!

review125 2012 December

Saw Angie for a fantastic time. Delightful company and absolutely delicious. Highly recommend..

review124 2012 November

One of the many times i spend with Rosa. Very beautiful,relaxing,funny and soooo hot. Time is never enough with her,but i am so glad she is back in the scene,so for the next month i know i can have the perfect companion for the end of the day. She is magic! See you again Rosa.

review123 2012 November

Laila was welcoming with a fabulous smile and an incredible body, jovial and fabulous tess gave me the best hour i have had this year...incredible!

review122 2012 November

Rosa is a true gold medalist in the escorting skills. She is a pretty and elegantly dressed, pleasant, cheerful, chatty, natural, co-operative, and truly intent on pleasant her client. No wonder two out of three of her clients are regulars, myself included. She also gives a megawatt welcoming smile at the door, a has a clean and nice flat. Treat her with respect - they don't come any better.

review121 2012 November

Mina is like sunshine, she game a fantastic time, the most hot 2 hours of my life I must say I´ll be seeing you soon again sunshine I want more yummmmm!

review120 2012 November

Lemon is stunning young women, really knows how to please Very friendly and her english is a good standard, highly recommended!

review119 2012 November

The most amazing sexy gorgeous hour spent with Rosa , don't miss her!

review118 2012 November

Mina is highly attractive, entertaining and stimulating the best holiday present for myself

review117 2012 November

Rosa is very professional girl, explained everything(as much as she could with that funny talk), not too expensive extras, very much my type of escort.

review116 2012 November

Gorgeous and captivating, truely a woman to admire and adore. I have been fortunate to have seen Laila many times before and everytime I see her makes me appreciate her more for the way she treats me when we are together.

review115 2012 November

from my experience with Mina yesterday i just had to come back for twice as long and she didn't disappoint. beautiful intelligent and funny. i will definitely be seeing a lot more of her.

review114 2012 November

Wow I was greeted by LEMON. And very pleased to see me her service was spectacular words can't describe how she makes a person feel. See you very soon LEMON.

review113 2012 November

What a wonderful moment I spent with this gorgeous & lovely lady. She's very kind, funny, in a word really lovely. She knows for sure how a man works and what to do to please him. No doubt I'll ask for her next time I'm in town. Rosa, I already miss you.

Take care.

review112 2012 November

Service was excellent. Very friendly and a very enjoyable experience. She was everything you could ask for., did not rush. Suffice to say I had a great time (and perhaps my best ever) thank you Mina.

review111 2012 November

This was my first visit Lemon. She is attractive, charming, good company and her English is very good. She is also warm and I had a really first class experience with her. One of the best.

review110 2012 November

Rosa is very good and satisfied all my needs ;) if you would like to experience a very sexy lady they don't come much better than Rosa!! She was very attentive to my needs, made me feel right at ease and gave me a wonderful time and i shall definitely be seeing her again ;)

review109 2012 November

Laila is one of the most sexiest girls I've ever seen. I just had to stand and admire her in all her beauty. something I will never forget. Top performance Top Girl.

review108 2012 November

Meeting Plum was a pleasure. She's great company and a joy to hang out with. Will definitely be back.

review107 2012 November

Lemon is a very charming, sexy and classy lady who is just so much fun. she is a wonderful host and makes you feel very welcome which always adds something special to a visit. Thx for a wonderful time Lemon.

review106 2012 November

Mina is just amazing, so cute and sexy at the same time... I would more than recommand her. Please respect her like she deserve it. She really felt like my girlfriend. Her body is just like a dream... love it and would go back to her very shortly!

review105 2012 October

Mina is a gem Great fun and interesting company.

review104 2012 October

Sara is such a stunner She is like a dream come true I have tried to book her for quite a while but it appears she has been on holidays She is such a warm, professional and very attractive lady.

review103 2012 October

Wow Lemon is absolutely stunning, with a delightful personality Lemon really knows how to make to feel relaxed makes you feel very special I will definately look her up again next time I'm in town Thank you.

review102 2012 October

Sara is a very beautiful woman and I spent a lovely hour with her this evening Time passed by way too quickly! I can highly recommend this gorgeous, caring and articulate woman Amazing lady!

review101 2012 October

An amazing time with a beautiful woman - again Words fail me when I try to sum up Lemon - great smile when she opened door Love her style Love her company.

review100 2012 October

Mina is the best escort i have ever been with,from the moment she entered i was amazed by her beauty an charmshe is friendly down to earth i dont think i will need another escort

review99 2012 October

There can be few if any better than Sara very beautiful very very sexy very friendly and completely nature.

review98 2012 October

Wonderful Wonderful night with a Wonderful Wonderful Lady You are always on my mind Lemon Love you.

review97 2012 October

Sara was wonderful Very beautiful face, soft and sexy lips, and the most amazing legs I have ever seen She was patient and knew exactly what she was doing She is very genuine, and was interested in my life as I was hers Please guys, treat this girl with respect and care and you will receive so much in return.

review96 2012 October

A lovely BIBI and a great time I had You will not be dissappointed- in or outside the bedroom!

review95 2012 October

WOW Wow !!!!! what can i say, LEMON is perfect in every way,no wonder she is in the top ten,here,X to the next time.

review94 2012 October

Well what can i say about Sara she is a wonderful lady,with great skills and a lovely body,and she taste very sweet.

review93 2012 October

100% satisfaction! My type of girl! Mina is pretty and sexy as hell!

review92 2012 October

You have to see this girl Sara....best hours in my life...made me feel like a king.....very honest and attractive...i will visit again and again...

review91 2012 September

Wow.Sara is beautiful, friendly, very sexy, very talented and just a great person to spend time with. Can't wait to see her again.

review90 2012 September

I enjoyed at the Sukosol Hotel on last Tuesday with LEMON. She was excellent and I enjoyed conversatin wit her. LEMON was really good. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

review89 2012 September

Absolutly amazing at SARA's job definatly be seeing this lady again !!! 11 out of 10 !! very good at her job looks much better than photos !!!!!!!

review88 2012 September

Lemon is stunning and very fun. She is very warm and caring A total GFE. I will see her again and again. Great abilities and makes me feel like I have known her for years, a total 10!!!

review87 2012 September

Rosa is amazing, i dont normally write reviews on girls, but she is easily one of the nicest girls i have ever met, very intresting unbelivabley beautiful and so so sexy, you just cannot get much better, i will be back to see her when i can...

review86 2012 September

Sara was AMAZING!!!! She was everything I could have wanted and MORE! She was very real, very hot and a great person! It was what I needed for my time in London! This woman was my GF for the entire time we stayed together. I really enjoyed my time with her and would very highly recommend this service! You will not regret it at all, if all there women are like her then this is the only place to go! I will definitely call her again and if she is not available, I will try and call one of the other special women that they have!! You can’t go wrong!

review85 2012 September

I saw Sara at my hotel. I was charmed be her warm attitude. She has so sexy body and very good sense on humor.

review84 2012 September

I would say that Rosa is one of the best ladies a spent time with. Well educated and very open-mined. I had very tough day and many meetings, so when she came and start to apply her tricks I forgot about everything; I relaxed and enjoyed any minute spent with her.

review83 2012 September

Tiffany is such a charming, lovely and cute girl. She provides excellent service and care about her guest.

review82 2012 September

Highly recommended. Nice chat with LEMON. very responsive. Will visit again.

review81 2012 August

Hi,Rosa and now Sara… wow! Sara is amazingly sexy and beautiful! Her service skill is unbelievable! Thank you for your recommendation! Next time it will be difficult to choose; Rosa, Sara or Nok! Haha. When you see her, please thank her again for me.

review80 2012 August

Sara was a great choice I had a fantastic time.

review79 2012 August

Rosa looked after me very well, I really enjoyed, Thank you.

review78 2012 August

My stay in Bangkok was so pleasant because of you. Thank you Rosa.

review77 2012 August

Sara always wonder if the girl in the pics is going to look as good in person? This sexy girl looks even better! long gorgeous hair, sultry eyes, and beautiful lips. Even better than that, she's got a great personality to match. Everyone should see this girl so they know just what a dream girl is :) Thx for a great time.

review76 2012 August

Tiffany is very good. Super recommended.

review75 2012 August

Sara is a very nice girl and had a great time, she is very beautiful and sweet girl, many thx

review74 2012 August

Rosa, you are a classy, charming, sweet, gorgeous, intelligent, sensual Girl. A real pleasure to be with You for a relaxing chat and fun time!

review73 2012 August

Tiffany is a very very lovely charming girl great personality good company very friedly, highly recommended.

review72 2012 August

Sara is a friendly, relaxed elegant lady who confidently took me through a delightful evening. Her body and personality are smooth and delicious.

review71 2012 July

Wow! SHE Escort is the most exciting agency by far, new girl added almost every 2 weeks, each one as gorgeous as the rest of the ladies. Please keep the nice selection, keep up the quality as well. Can't wait to meet you ladies! Not forgetting Nok and Rosa!

review70 2012 July

Rosa is just the sweetest Girl I have been with Very easy going and easy to talk to and then she has the most amazing and sexy body a real jewel

review69 2012 July

Piano is a nice looking girl with an enthusiastic attitude to life She was very good to me so I remember her fondly I would certainly recommend her!

review68 2012 July

It really does not get much better than this. Rosa was first class woman and has perfect soft skin and looks even better than pictures. She is very beautiful and fun to be with. Treat her well and she will treat you back good too. perfecttttttttttttttttttttttttt,

review67 2012 July

I saw Bibi a couple of times, she was definitely the best escort I met while in Bangkok. I hope that she is still available when I visit in the near future. She is a great GFE.

review66 2012 July

From the moment this little treasure climbs into your arms and kisses you to the time you leave her focus is entirely on you. Rosa relaxes you, makes you feel great which makes everything else feel good. Flirty, sensual and adventurous I can’t wait to see her again

review65 2012 July

Bibi is truly a sensual and hot girl. Her service was as to impress in oneself to come back for more, which I will. Thank you Bibi for an amazing hour.

review64 2012 July

I met Piano. She's a really lovely woman true gf experience. Very accommodating .no rush. Definitely recommended. I love her.

review63 2012 July

What a sweet, lovely girl. I have never been made to feel so at ease. Piano was funny, playful and smiling a lot. The cheeky grin in her pictures shows her personality. She also worked hard to ensure satisfaction, if you know what I mean gents!!

review62 2012 July

I have to admire that one of the best girls around in Bangkok Rosa was very easy going, fun, friendly person The looks, body, voice all the bits were amazing I definitely will see her again and thanks SHE Escort for bringing her good job Rosa

review61 2012 July

Rosa gave a complete GFE. She made me relaxed within 5 min with her sweet voice & talks as was nervous initially Loved her nice natural boobs Highly Recommended

review60 2012 July

Bibi really looks pretty and beautiful and when we are talking, she looks cute. When I am leaving she is telling the way how to go to station she is taking care of me and now her performance is awesome had fulfill my all fantasy. I would like to recommend her best performer of the Bangkok.

review59 2012 July

Bibi she is very friendly I will see her again.

review58 2012 July

I've saw Piano in a visit outcall last midnight was happy to see that my fantasy came through as I liked very much the experience with that girl thank the agency and not last I thank u Piano!!

review57 2012 July

Rosa is not only by far the most beautiful escort I have ever met, but also the most accommodating. We had an amazing time, even though it was rather late A perfect time Highly recommended!

review56 2012 July

I like Piano a lot, she is very pretty lady I sing 'lady in red' to her, she laugh at that! Very cute.

review55 2012 July

Rosa is a lovely, classy lady She was excellent at making me comfortable, and a genuinely friendly escort She's nice, and really good fun too

revie54w 2012 July

Nok was is a very beautiful woman who made me feel at ease She showed great enthusiasm and made my hour with her very enjoyable I can thoroughly recommend her

review53 2012 July

Nok is simply lovely to be with seductive, beautiful, friendly confident, and assured Sat down to get to know one another on the sofa, with a glass of wine, then went to the bedroom for more exploratory oral pleasure, and energetic sex Great.

review52 2012 July

Piano is a great lady She is probably a bit older than what here profile and photo state, but she is a very sensual, friendly and classy lady, with who I spent a great moment I would love to go back tomorrow, but I need first to build back some stamina, as I am a bit tired I wonder why -)

review51 2012 July

I had an amazing time with Piano She definitely knows how to please a man Very cute & a great host See you soon darling!!!!

review50 2012 July

Stunning Girl & a very rare find!! Very nicely dressed and Bibi made me very relaxed and looked after me Top Draw 5 STARS*****

review49 2012 July

Fantastic time again with Nok She is horny, beautiful and time with her is the best ever!

review48 2012 July

So different from the other escorts Easy going, interesting conversation, stunning body and absolutely no rush Bibi left me with the biggest smile on my face

review47 2012 July

Piano made my evening after exhausting day she made my body and mind very relaxed and her smile lighten up the room She is now my favorite girl!

review46 2012 June

Have just had an exquisite hour with Piano. Interesting to chat to and fantastic to relax with! Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will definitely be inviting her back.

review45 2012 June

Hi,Just want to say thank you for the arrangements with Rosa. Enjoyed my time with her and absolutely unforgettable. Could have booked her the entire night but maybe next time. Please keep her safe and take care of her, she is definitely a valuable member of your team, I want to see her again in Oct. Will let you know.

review44 2012 June

Piano was friendly and nice. She was so funny. We had a great time together and I would love to see her again.

review43 2012 June

Hi, Nok was absolutely marvelous, lovely girl, love her beautifully formed natural assets. So much cuter in person! Nok was so dedicated to make sure I enjoyed all the moments. Highly recommend her for a wonderful experience. Thank you. Hope to have her again soon.

review42 2012 June

Piano is great girl, friendly, fun, great to be with. Skills to match. Wow!

review41 2012 June

Piano iz very friendly.. Her smile awsum!! Will c her soon.. Cant forget her never eva.

review40 2012 June

Rosa was so gentle, sweet and seductive, gorgeous beautiful lady, so desirable! I had an unforgettable time with her. Thanks for making the arrangements and changes. Please take care of her. Definitely see her again.

review39 2012 June

WOOOAH so so hot this woman! one of my best nights ever had!!! Can we meet again soon Bibi.

review38 2012 June

Rosa is really nice girl. High recommend.

review37 2012 June

Bibi was pretty girl and very easy to get along with had a good time....

review36 2012 June

BIBI is nice girl, she was very slim and long legs. Just my type!

review35 2012 June

About Piano Awwww, I wish I could have you all to myself! Such a cute girl.

review34 2012 June

Rosa is a wonderful, charming girl. So very pretty. Worthy of the highest praise. For a few to short hours, I felt like I had the perfect girl friend. I will be seeing here again.

review33 2012 June

Rosa was very pleasent, sweet girl, extremely easy on the eyes. Relay my thanks to her. Good recommendation.

review32 2012 June

Nok was perfect, lovely girl with lovely smile and good in chatting, I like her ,,

review31 2012 June

Nok was just too good to be described. She gave me the best time of my life. This is a real GFE. I can't wait to have her again. Thanks for the good time.

review30 2012 June

Just two words to describe Rosa: WONDERFUL and AMAZING I Can't say more... I'm still speak less.. se take my breath away...

review29 2012 June

What an incredible girl Rosa is...gorgeous..sexy & fun...I had a great time with her and would highly recommend her....

review28 2012 June

Rosa is a very beautiful girl sexy and has a great body, good service and great company, would definitely recomend lovely sexy accent.

review27 2012 June

Bibi is very sexy and definately knows what she is doing. she is perfect!

review26 2012 June

Just spent a great evening with Nok. She's stunning and she is lots of fun! Great body, great enthusiasm! Overall...great night. Will certainly be booking again.

review25 2012 June

Fantastic company & very sexy, I look forward to spending more time with Nok soon...

review24 2012 June

Fantastic girl,very good service nice personality thank you BIBI, highly recommended.

review23 2012 June

WOW ! Simply WOW ! Its not possible to find a girl more perfect than you. Rosa is faultless in my oppinion. Amazing ! I don't think I could book you without falling in love with you. So ill continue to dream

review22 2012 May

I booked Bibi, finding her pictures very attractive. When she knocked on my door it’s suddenly realized. She had a huge smile on her face, which broke the ice in a split of a second, a skin as soft as silk. On top of that the sex was simply GREAT! What a night.... I would marry this girl in a flash of a second if I had the chance... Top rating for this cute little gemstone.

review21 2012 May

Nok is above and beyond my expectations and imagination, beautiful lady took my breath away from the first moment. She is simply fantastic! Highly recommended, treat her well!

review20 2012 May

One of the best experiences I have had. Especially in front of the mirror. I can't wait to see Bibi again!

review19 2012 May

Bibi is a very nice girl, who is fit and has soft breasts. She makes me feel so confortable that I am really relaxed and enjoy it. Absolutely recommended!

review18 2012 May

Bibi is slim, pretty and sexy lady who provided extremely good service. Very sensual kisser, oral was awesome. It was a really top-notch experience and I hope to see her again soon.

review17 2012 May

Can't stop thinking about Nok, she's incredible. She makes you feel so happy, she's a very special woman indeed. I'm in love, wish she was mine! Thanks for an amazing time. A xxx

review16 2012 May

Nok is great and had a unforgettable time. Should see her again soon.

review15 2012 May

Jeab was fantastic. From the moment I arrived she made me feel welcome and relaxed. She gives a great GFE and her OWO was awesome. She is just amazing in the bedroom and I had a great time with her. Highly recommended. Thank you Jeab!

review14 2012 May

I have not for habit to write in forums but there I do it because you really deserve it. Nok you're just amazing! The moment I had with you was just pure magic. For the practice, booked a few hours before, sms and just like I asked, no bad surprise, at the opposite better than I hopped. Wonderfull, I will see you again as soon as possible. Lot of kisses from New Zealand, J.

review13 2012 May

Linda is wonderful lady. What a pleasant surprise to see this tall and slim lovely at my door and once In my bed she was all over me, great oral skills and more than great ANAL performance!!

review12 2012 May

As for my feedback on Linda: It was a really great experience, I will definitely book with you again. Her playfull personality, confidence and aggessiveness were perfect and I have to say she gives exceptional blow job. Fantastic, it really is a memorable night. So thank you SHE Escort, and please tell Linda, thank you for letting me be myself and for being such a sweetheart.

review11 2012 May

Just a short note to express my gratitude for your recommendations. Rosa was a real professional, smiling, relaxed, kind, hot, .. many qualities. We had a great moment together outside and inside bed. Whatever is written on the profile is real .. and beyond expectations. Great, Great performer. I will book Rosa again sure.

review10 2012 May

Thanks for setting me up with Rosa. She was one of the best GFEs i've ever had. Superb bbbj and loves to please!

review9 2012 May

i'm sorry this took so long. i definitly wanted to give you some feedback since i was so happy i booked Linda! linda was looks like european lady. i had a real fantastic night and i can't wait to come back to bangkok. We had all kinds of sex all around the hotel suite. She really seemed to be into anal which totally turned me on. great service - will come back for sure

review8 2012 May

Rosa was great One of the best for all your girls Really great kisser and great performance. Will surely meet her again when I come back

review7 2012 April

Let me say Cindy is the best girl come across in my life. She is extra decent, gentle and she got a class of her own. She knows how to treat gentlemen. I made an appointment once in Bangkok. Didn't call her second time (even if I wanted to) because I know the second time I will fall in love with her.....

review6 2012 April

What can I write about Mint? It's pretty hard to find the right words today, but I try. I think she is a girl to fall in love with. Delicate, nice and soft skin and hair made of silk. And the other thing that was pretty important for me was her mind. She was pretty open mind and we were able to talk about other things outside the service. So I think she is the perfect mixture of most of the western men. Stunning Asian body and really open minded in many directions (not only in the one thing). If I have the chance I will book her again and don't have to think about it for a minute. Perfect girl with a perfect service.

review5 2012 April

Rena is so charming and so sweet with a warm personality. She loves to please and is full of energy. Her body is magic. She made me flying. Thanks a lot.

review4 2012 April

JINNY is a great lady,one of the best I have met in the 2 years I have work with your agency. She is sweet , great legs , very affectionate aand make you feel confortable with her and a great lover For sure the best of all your girls I will see her again as soon as I come back to Bangkok.

review3 2012 April

Just arrived back home from Bangkok and Hong Kong.I am very pleased with the services that your agency has provided. I had MINT. I must say that she was absolutely world class, I was taken away by her great personality and her general appearance.I believe she is an asset to your agency and will definately request her on my next visit to Bangkok.

review2 2012 April

I had Rena last night. Just want you to know you found another great performer! Very pretty, slim and friendly, two hours of fun and delicious sexual adventures. Thank you so much.

review1 2012 April

Thank you very much for the help with my reservation with Jinny. I had my best intimate experience of my life with her, she is a absolute star, everything was perfect and done with a so cute smile, she is a credit to your agency. Could you please pass on my thanks to her and I hope to be able to see her again next time.