Frequently-Asked Question

Do I need to come to your office first?

No, our Bangkok escort agency headquarters is in Bangkok, Thailand but we will send our Bangkok escorts(Ladies) to you at whatever location you choose. Our Bangkok escorts are ready to meet you in your room in approximately 45 minutes.

How should I make payment for your Bangkok escorts?

We accept only cash and your Bangkok escort will collect it from you in advance when you meet together.

Can I take my Bangkok escort outside of Bangkok?

Yes, our Bangkok escorts are available to accompany you to any of the beautiful vacation spots in Thailand. Contact us regarding extended stays for significant discounted rates with any of our Bangkok escorts.

What type of Bangkok escort does your company have?

We have some of the most beautiful, sexy and friendly Bangkok escorts in Thailand. All of our Bangkok escorts are very friendly, love sex, and enjoy meeting new people.

What type of massage will your Bangkok escorts offer me?

We have three types of Thai massage: Traditional Thai, Oil, and Body massage. Traditional Thai massage is a great pain reliever for tight or sore muscles. Oil massage is a very relaxing deep tissue massage. Our Bangkok escorts enjoy providing body-to-massage which is a very special sensual massage where our escorts use their slender, firm bodies to massage the muscles all over your body. All of these can be included in your session without any additional cost to our Bangkok escorts.

Can I book more than one escort lady?

Yes Of course, please choose some ladies from our website. You can enjoy sure. Highly recommended. If you request Duos pairing entertain, we have to charge double rate.

What type of Bangkok escort service can I expect?

Your booking with “She Top Quality Escort Service” is a guaranteed Full Bangkok Escort Service Package. There are NO further costs or charges beyond the Bangkok escort service rates listed (See Rates/Services). Our escorts are trained to please you, and nothing makes our escorts more happy than making you happy!

Do you have solo girl who can entertain couples?

Yes, but some lady cannot. If you request entertain couple, please inquire who can. And service rate is double rate.

Do you have A-Level service?

We are sorry, I don't have now. But we are examining it and recruiting available lady now.